Websync, web interface to manage your rsync tasks

Rsync is a great tool to replicate, sync some data on your computer. And I’m heavily relying on it to backup my server and to mirror some opensource projects and GNU/Linux Distributions.

But I’ve recently found a Web interface to manage all my rsync tasks called websync.

Websync is a web based rsync task manager where you can add, edit, clone, remove, scheduled,…. your rsync tasks while being able to have a remote host as source or destination of the task (With SSH RSA key too)

websync screenshot main tasks


Under the free license MIT, Websync has been developped by Sander Struijk and is still actively being maintained, as you can see on github forum. But it is still an early project, so if you face any issue, make sure to report them on the issue tracker.

Interested to give it a shot, here is how to install Websync!


You will first need to install node.js

1) Install nodejs and npm

– If you use Ubuntu, simple run (as root)

apt-get install nodejs npm

– If you are on Debian (Wheezy?) like me, you can install nodejs from wheezy-backports (modify your source.list accordingly) and run (in root):

apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy curl

and for npm, you can use the installer (still in root)

curl https://www.npmjs.com/install.sh | sh

2) Install the global packages bower and gulp

In root, run,

npm install -g bower
npm install -g gulp

3) Clone the git repository into the folder of your choice.

This time, you need to run these commands with your regular user.

cd /home/user
git clone https://github.com/furier/websync.git

4) Install Websync

cd websync
npm install
bower install
gulp dist

If you have any missing package it will tell you. I had the error “Cannot find module ‘imagemin-gifsicle'”, I’ve simply run:

npm install imagemin-gifsicle

and rerun:

gulp dist

5) Start Websync

cd dist
node server.js


You should now be able to access to your Websync instance through http://YourIP:3000


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