Wallabag 1.9 is out!

After 4 months of development, Wallabag team has released their 1.9 version.

I’ve previously introduced and explained how to install this great tool that is Wallabag, but to be short, Wallabag is a web based, self hosted, application that allows you to save an article/webpage that you want to read later. Wallabag has many additional features such as the filtering, sharing and even exporting to epub and some others formats, ideal to read later on those articles on your tablet for example.

The team has released few days ago their version 1.9!

As you can see from their official announcement, on top of fixing several bugs, they have released new features such as:
– Mobi & PDF export
– Easy sharing to Evernote, Carrot and Diaspora
– New installer (More straightforward, comprehensive requirement testing, etc..)- Public registration (Allows you to open your Wallabag instance to public)
– Many others (Read a random article, Refetch article,…)
Full list can be found on their announcement.

Wallabag - Screenshot

But on top of this news, we have also learned that this version will be the last one on this framework (Except for bug fixes) as they are now working on a promising v2.
The V2 is being built with the powerful PHP framework Symfony2 and they will be able to finally provide an API to let 3rd party services, connect & interact with Wallabag.

Actually, they have already a “work in progress” demo here. (User: wallabag  / password: wallabag).
Feel free to share your opinion on the default theme as they are looking for feedback.


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