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Today is Popcorn Time ! HD torrent streaming

Popcorn time headerBored of all the unreliable streaming websites you got and full of ads but can’t wait neither to download the full movie as torrent file?

Here is where Popcorn Time comes !

Popcorn time is a software for Windows, Mac OS and Linux that let you watch in streaming a collection of latest movies from some reliable torrent trackers.

The interface is easy to use with proper information displayed such as clear categories (Action, Comedy, …), Movie jackets,  can select the quality between 720p and 1080p, and includes subtitles in English or sometimes Spanish.

Popcorn Time application

The devs are actively working on it, to includes more subtitles, more movies, etc…It’s most probably the best application I’ve seen so far in Torrent streaming. And cherry on the top, it’s Open source All the sources can be downloaded here.

To activate the subtitles (If available on the video), just start watching the video and click on the right corner at the bottom on the subtitles icon and just select your language.

PopCorn time subtitles

Definitely worth a try !

Obvisouly, this is 100% free and 100% based on torrent….most of the catalogue is illegal.


Update: For the one using XBMC, I strongly recommend you to use the plugin XBMCtorrent, it does roughly the same as Pop Corn Time, but is fully integrated in your favorite player.

7 thoughts on “Today is Popcorn Time ! HD torrent streaming

  1. Popcorn Time is great! But somehow the subtitles don’t seem to work, do you know how I can fix this?

    1. Hi Mthothep,

      They have some issues with subtitles some times, (Not available in all videos and can still be a bit buggy), they they just release a Beta2 2h ago, may be you can give it another try?

      I’ll update my post with subtitles screenshot

  2. Popcorn Time is amazing, but how i can add arabic subtitle
    Thats a so important to me
    with best wishes

    sorry for broken language 🙂

  3. Hey

    Nice article and I fully agree that Popcorn Time is amazing but the link in the article is “dead” (i.e. it works but that Popcorn Time fork is dead). I’ve taken the liberty to add a link to my own website that’s about Popcorn Time in general – meaning ALL the forks – hope it’s ok 🙂

  4. Hi Soren,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Indeed, things are moving fast and it is difficult to follow all those projects.
    Nice article on your blog too.

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