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The Lounge, self hosted web IRC client

Looking for an easy to install Web IRC client? Don’t look further, The Lounge is there for you.

Although IRC has lost a significant part of its popularity it used to have in the 2000s, from 1 million users back in 2003, to less than 300,000 todays, I still use it time to time, around specific theme or project.

Instead of using a desktop client, I prefer to use a web client, as I am often traveling and on different computers. Also, it usually fancier and with great features.

The Lounge is one of them and is very easy to install.


Started as a fork of Shout, The Lounge is under a MIT license. It supports multi-accounts and it “never sleeps” (meaning it will keep all your conversation where you left off). It is also mobile responsive and uses NodeJS (>v4).


So, let’s see how to install The Lounge on Debian (or Ubuntu)



1) Install NodeJS

You will first need NodeJS >v4, and it will greatly simplify the installation of The Lounge.

Simply run:


2) Install The Lounge

3) Start The Lounge

Yes, it is that simple!

Now you can access it through http://YourIP:9000 and you will be able to configure few settings.

 Extra mile  If you have a server running H24, why not installing the opensource software BOINC that will use your spare CPU cycles to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability. (Cancers, Zika, AIDS, Renewable energies,..). You can learn more here: To install it, run:
apt-get install boinc-client
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr 20049_157b2fcc52af271b601af1b9bf593c50 ''
Now your server will contribute to the scientific research ;)

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