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Tails 1.2 is out – Protect your privacy and anonymity

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The live operating system Tails is now in its 1.2 version! With the aim of preserving your privacy and anonymity by forcing all connections to internet to go through the Tor network, but also leaving no trace on your computer and with embedded cryptographic tools to encrypt files, emails and instant messaging.



The project has released their 1.2 version and the majors changes are:

  • Replace the Iceweasel-based browser by directly the Tor Browser (Based on Firefox), this fixes the POODLE vulnerability.
  • Upgrade Tor to
  • Kernel 3.16.3
  • Upgrade I2P and isolate its traffic
  • Virtualbox guest additions enabled by default
  • Clearer OTR status in Pidgin
  • and many others.

If you are travelling or using a unsecure/ not trusted computer, Tails will be the best system to use to protect your privacy and anonymity, perfect on a USB key.



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