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Create your own ThePirateBay on your server

Avid downloader of torrents, ThePirateBay is down as you should know.

But don’t fear, there is a lot of alternatives (Kickasstorrent, 1137x, etc…) and another alternative will be host a copy of ThePirateBay on your own server.

ThePirateBay copy - OpenBay

Indeed, Isohunt team have create an open source version of TPB called OpenBay where you can also import a consolidated database of 8m torrents from TPB, Kickasstorrent and Isohunt trackers.

Let’s see how to install it.



You will first need to have a LAMP server, if you don’t know what it is, or don’t have it, please see this tutorial.

1) Clone the project’s Git repository
2) Change the owner of the folder to avoid permission issue

We will use the Apache user (www-data).

In root, run:

3) Create a dedicated virtualhost to run OpenBay

As I prefer to access all my services using sub-domains, I need to create a virtualhost for each of them.

Simply create a new virtualhost

Still in root, run:

and paste:

Adapt the value based on your configuration (ServerName, DocumentRoot, ServerAdmin, etc..)

4) Run the installation script

Simply go to http://yoursubdomain.domain.tld

ThePirateBay copy - OpenBay Installation

We will be able to set up the name of your tracker, select if you want to use their database or not, etc…

Well…and that’s all!

You are now the administrator of a copy of the TPB.

Time4Popcorn includes now a VPN – Streaming torrent app

Streaming apps have been very dynamic in the past years and I feel even more recently since the launch of Popcorn Time, previously shared in an article. If you don’t know what it is, in short, it’s a streaming app using torrent protocol that let you easily watch popular movies currently shared on popular torrent tracker. You don’t need to download the entire movie, just press Play and the app will buffer the movie and start in few seconds. You got a fancy interface with movie information and subtitles of your choice.

It’s a great application but the original team had to close the project….you can read my article on this if you want to know why. But long story short, the legality of this application may not be certain and they received a lot of complains, etc…

popcorn time screenshot, time4popcorn, vpn, torrent, streaming

Well, after closing, a lot of others projects have forked the project and continue to build on top of it. It’s the case of Popcorn Team but also Time4Popcorn, that in their case have just release a new version that includes now a VPN!!

Time4Popcorn have probably been the most popular “rebirth” of PopcornTime thanks to several high added value features, such as an Android client for example.

Well this time again, they bring a new outstanding feature with the partnership of Kebrum by adding a VPN to the software. Simply activate or disable in 1 click the VPN. No need to set up anything!

Currently only for Windows, it’s probable to see Linux and MacOS version coming too. If you are interested to give it a shot, you can download their version here.

Popcorn Time reborn through Popcorn Team

Few days after the Popcorn Time’s announcement to close the project, thanks to open source application, available on Gitub, a new team have made a fork of the project and have made few improvements such as additional subtitles, tweak a bit the performance, etc…

Demo Screenshot

This new project is called Popcorn Team and is supported by the Team Yify, well popular on torrents trackers. It’s basically the same application than Popcorn Time, it’s a kind torrent client dedicated for streaming videos based on most popular videos available on some torrent trackers. (Few buffer time and your video will start).

This application is then, as legal as a torrent client like Deluge, Transmission, etc… it’s obviously the content that you watch that is illegal.

Here are the current download links:             


Popcorn time over – Goodbye torrent streaming app

Embedded image permalinkWe can say that the project didn’t last long…

Less than 2 weeks after the introduction to this great piece of software (See my previous article), the team has decided to stop the project, due to too much exposure on copyright infringements, endless debate on piracy, ….that has put them in danger based on their update.

Fortunately, the application is open source and hosted on GitHub. Most probably we will see some fork coming up to continue their work, an all in one interface to watch most recent movies through direct streaming but based on torrent trackers data.

Although the project is over, the application still work and as their work were not illegal (They didn’t share movies, …. but only facilitate its access as a search engine could do), I’m happy to share this link to download their latest working update I have on hand.                                  


Follow their Twitter Account to get their latest news.