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Pinry, tiling image board system to replace your pinterest

Pinry logoIf you follow my blog every day (Using the RSS feed may be?), you should have seen my previous article on Cubet Board, an alternative to Pinterest, to install on your own server.


However, the project hasn’t been updated for more than 9 months and the design (although quite light) is not my taste.

So I’ve been looking for others alternatives and I found a good one! Pinry

Pinry, built on top of Django is a tiling image board system allowing you to save, tag and share various content such as images, videos and webpages, all that in an easy way.

pinry screenshot

From the authors, Pinry “was the first and remains the best open source pin board alternative to sites like Wookmark and Pinterest.” But obviously Pinry is Open Source and can be installed relatively easily on your own server to keep ownership of all your data and ensure greater privacy.

You can have a look to their demo there.

Now let’s see how to install it.


Pinry requires:

  • Python
  • virtualenv
  • pip
  • Pillow build dependencies

1) Install the dependencies

In root (or with sudo), run:

2) Clone their repository in your /var/www

3) Setup the virtualenv and install all the requirements

4) Sync the database

and answer the following questions:

5) Launch the service

And should see something like that:

You should now have access to your Pinry instance at

Cubet Board, alternative to pinterest for your own server

As I’m trying to cover all the popular online services such as Deezer, Instagram, etc… with self hosted alternatives, such as Subsonic for Deezer and OwnStagram for Instagram (and many more), I had to find an alternative to Pinterest, this recent service allowing you to “pin” all the things to save, becoming a kind of visual bookmark for all the good stuff you found online.

One of the alternative I found is called Cubet Board.

Cubet Board is an open source, self hosted, pin based social photo sharing service, allowing users to create and manage all their pictures collections.

cubetboard screenshot

To better suit users, the collections can be managed into different categories based on their tastes and they ca re-pin the images they liked from others collections, to their own personal or public collections.
A good plus is the facebook and twitter authentication.You can go there for a demo.


Cubet Board requires PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5.5. If you don’t have these, pease follow this tutorial.

1) Clone the git repository under your /var/www folder

(If you don’t have git installed, apt-get install git should do the trick)2) Ensure the folder is writable by web server user (www-data)

3) Simply follow the web based installer

You will have to go to http://YourIP/cubetboard to have access to the web based installer

cubetboard installationYou will need to set:

– Base URL (What will be the URL of your instance)

– MySQL database info (Host, user, pass, db name)

– Create admin account

Cubet board installation finished

4) Delete the installation folder

And you should now be good to go!

However note that the latest commit on their git repository is from October 2013.