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InvoiceNinja – Opensource Online Invoicing service

This week end, Sean, a habitual reader, contacted me to ask some help on installing a particular invoice web based app on his server.

As you may have figured out, I love web based apps and I didn’t know any invoicing apps online before his mail. As I’m starting my own company/website soon (I’ll let you know when settle down), I thought it would be nice to give this software a shot.


InvoiceNinja logo

InvoiceNinja is a great open source online invoicing service.


Sonerezh – Your own Spotify

If you have your own server, one of the very first service you want to install is a web portal to access to all your musics from anywhere.

This is basically what Spotify is doing, to listen music by streaming with the possibility to create and share playlists, but not on your own server and with no control. Obvisouly, you may want to change that with an Opensource alternative.

The most popular alternative is Subsonic, written in Java (Kind of heavy then), but a new one is emerging, with a modern design and much lighter, I call Sonerezh.


Cyca – RSS Reader and bookmarks manager

I’ve presented a lot of alternatives to manage your RSS feeds or bookmarks as actually this kind of services is probably the one I used the most.

Well the story doesn’t end here as I’ve recently find a new one, called Cyca.Cyca is an open source online bookmarks and feeds manager under GNU GPL license. The developer have been working for quite a long time on such project, initially written in C# a decade ago and called Bookmarks Manager, the project was not open at that time. But along the years, the project gained in maturity and has been rewritten in PHP. Finally, the developer has just released his v0.0.1 publicly.