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XBMC 13 (Gotham) is out!

XBMC 13 GOTHAM LOGOAfter 2 long months, XBMC 13, alias Gotham has been released in its final version!

For whose who don’t know XBMC, it’s a free and Open Source (GPL) media player and entertainment software (Usually for your home theater PC) to play and view your videos, musics, podcasts, ….from local or network storage media or even through internet. It can display the art cover and download from different sources, your movies and tv shows information (Trailer, description, covers, etc…)


The strength of XBMC is also its large list of plugins developed by the community, extending a lot its feature (Torrent download, youtube, RSS, TV stream, … and many more plugins)

It can be installed on Linux, OSX, Windows, but also even on iOS and Android!

You can download the latest version directly here.

The list of changes is long but they particularly improved the 3D rendering, touch screen are now better supported, a new option has been added to read on remote device like DNLA compatible device and many more.

For more information on this new release, please read the XBMC v13 changelog.

Popcorn Time reborn through Popcorn Team

Few days after the Popcorn Time’s announcement to close the project, thanks to open source application, available on Gitub, a new team have made a fork of the project and have made few improvements such as additional subtitles, tweak a bit the performance, etc…

Demo Screenshot

This new project is called Popcorn Team and is supported by the Team Yify, well popular on torrents trackers. It’s basically the same application than Popcorn Time, it’s a kind torrent client dedicated for streaming videos based on most popular videos available on some torrent trackers. (Few buffer time and your video will start).

This application is then, as legal as a torrent client like Deluge, Transmission, etc… it’s obviously the content that you watch that is illegal.

Here are the current download links:             


Today is Popcorn Time ! HD torrent streaming

Popcorn time headerBored of all the unreliable streaming websites you got and full of ads but can’t wait neither to download the full movie as torrent file?

Here is where Popcorn Time comes !

Popcorn time is a software for Windows, Mac OS and Linux that let you watch in streaming a collection of latest movies from some reliable torrent trackers.

The interface is easy to use with proper information displayed such as clear categories (Action, Comedy, …), Movie jackets,  can select the quality between 720p and 1080p, and includes subtitles in English or sometimes Spanish.

Popcorn Time application

The devs are actively working on it, to includes more subtitles, more movies, etc…It’s most probably the best application I’ve seen so far in Torrent streaming. And cherry on the top, it’s Open source All the sources can be downloaded here.

To activate the subtitles (If available on the video), just start watching the video and click on the right corner at the bottom on the subtitles icon and just select your language.

PopCorn time subtitles

Definitely worth a try !

Obvisouly, this is 100% free and 100% based on torrent….most of the catalogue is illegal.


Update: For the one using XBMC, I strongly recommend you to use the plugin XBMCtorrent, it does roughly the same as Pop Corn Time, but is fully integrated in your favorite player.