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Syncloud – Personal online storage for your Raspberry Pi

syncloudIf you are looking for a cheap NAS or a simple server to store and access your files, you most probably know Owncould, a simple, yet powerful hostable file management app, that you could directly install on a Raspberry PI, the credit-card sized computer at 35USD.

But the Syncloud team have build a dedicated Linux version that already contains Owncloud for a very easy and fast deployment.

Syncloud also support the BeagleBone Black and the Cubieboard A10.

Simply download the image file, uncompress it and write the image on your SD card. Then turn in on and you’re good to go!

7 thoughts on “Syncloud – Personal online storage for your Raspberry Pi

  1. Hi, I have loaded the SD image which boots fine and I have established that the login is root and passwd is syncloud but what next?
    In the terminal I am left with root user but how to launch what’s on the SD card – what is the next step?
    Please help.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Mike,

      You need to follow the setup procedure described at
      Feel free to contact us: support at syncloud dot it

      Boris Rybalkin,
      Syncloud Founder and Developer.

  2. Hi,
    I have
    1. installed the syncloud Image on my Banana Pi and can start the Web page by the Pi’s local IP-Address.
    2. activated the device on
    3. Installed owncloud via the App Center
    Everything fine – but
    How can I start OwnCloud with a local URL, something like ?
    The Owncloud-Hyperlink in the list of installed apps always calls, though I left the external Access deactivated.

    How can I access Owncloud in my local network?

    Thanks for the help – I didn’t find any Support Option on

    1. Hi Kaspernase
      I’m not familiar enough with Syncloud to help with the detail, but I guess, it has installed Owncloud somewhere, that you could link with a dedicated virtualhost.
      You may want to look for the owncloud folder with a command line like find -name owncloud or something like this.
      Then create a virtualhost to point to this folder.

      Hope it works

  3. Hello,

    I bought from syncloud the raspberry full solution and I have some troubles getting nextcloud accessible. I activated the device and installed the nextcloud app but now I can’t access the nextcloud platform as it asks for a logon that I never set up.None OF THE CREDENTIALS I CREATED DURING ACTIVATION WORKS.
    Also, I connected the device to a screen and a keyboard and it asks for a raspberry login . the standard login does not work

    Can someone help me please

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