Subsonic – Free Music Streamer like your own Deezer and Spotify

Music is everywhere and as never been as digitized as today, in your smartphone, your computer, your car radio, your TV, etc…. and fewer and fewer buy CDs, instead they spend more on concerts and legal online music. you may have already a good collection of musics at home, you may want to be able to access it from anywhere on your smartphone, your laptop, etc…

The best is then to install on your server a Music Streamer service. Probably the 2 most popular are Ampache (in PHP) and Subsonic. (In Java)

Most probably Ampache is the most powerful one with the highest level of customization possible.




However Subsonic remains for me one of the first and best service I install on my servers as it has all I need in a simple yet powerful package.

Subsonic can handle hundreds of GB of musics, for a large choice of formats (MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA, etc…) but also videos, with a very friendly interface and damn easy to install. Some features are also very appreciated such as bitrate limitations (In case of slow connection), can follow podcasts and webradio, can easily download or upload tracks, etc….The only issue is for me the need to have Java…

So let’s see how to install it.


Obviously you will need first to install the Java JRE. You can either use the Oracle/Sun version or the OpenJDK version under GPL2 licence (Really free as free speech)

As Subsonic works with any of these 2, I prefer to use the free one. In root, type:

apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

To be able to use their great transcoding feature (To convert music on-the-fly), you will need to install a couple of packages to decode the music:

apt-get install lame flac faad vorbis-tools ffmpeg

And finally download and install the official subsonic.deb from their website.

With their today’s latest version (4.9), to download it in command line, I will do:

wget -O subsonic-4.9.deb

and to install, in root (su):

dpkg -i subsonic-4.9.deb

And voila !

You should now have a working instance of Subsonic on your server at the URL http://myIP:4040.

So don’t forget to open the port 4040 into your router to allow connection from outside your network.

You also recommend you to use their smartphone application (Android and co)

Subsonic Music Streamer - screenshot thumbnail

Subsonic Music Streamer - screenshot thumbnail

Subsonic Music Streamer - screenshot thumbnail

Or do you use any other good Music Streamer despite Ampache and Subsonic?


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