Simple file sharing, Droopy

I’ve written several posts on file sharing, like using Owncloud or Pydio to manage all your file on your server and provide download links, or more specific apps like OnionShare (Secure and anonymous file sharing). But never wrote on a simple file sharing that could easily start/stop when wanted.

And this where Droopy can be used.

Droopy is a mini Web server dedicated to let others upload files to your server.

Written in Python, Droopy works on Linux, BSD, MacOSX but also Windows.

As usual, I will only present how to run it on a Linux system.


1) Install Python

Simple run (as root)

apt-get install python

2) Download the binary to the folder of your choice

You can create a dedicated folder called droopy on your home user for example:

mkdir /home/user/droopy
cd /home/user/droopy

Then download the binary


3) Create a dedicated folder for all the uploads (Optional)

mkdir /home/user/droopy/upload

4) Run the app

python /home/user/droopy/droopy -m "Hi, it's Karibu. Just send me your file here." -d /home/user/droopy/upload

And the uploaded file will be saved under /home/user/droopy/upload.

Droopy screenshotFinally, when the file sharing is done, simply stop the python script by pressing CTRL+C


To see all options, you can view the help:

python /home/karibu/droopy/droopy -h
|     \.----.-----.-----.-----.--.--.
|  --  |   _|  _  |  _  |  _  |  |  |
|_____/|__| |_____|_____|   __|___  |
                        |__|  |_____|

Usage: droopy [options] [PORT]

  -h, --help                            show this help message and exit
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory DIRECTORY   set the directory to upload files to
  -m MESSAGE, --message MESSAGE         set the message
  -p PICTURE, --picture PICTURE         set the picture
  --dl                                  provide download links
  -a USER:PASS, --auth USER:PASS        set the authentication credentials
  --ssl PEMFILE                         set up https using the certificate file
  --chmod MODE                          set the file permissions (octal value)
  --save-config                         save options in a configuration file
  --delete-config                       delete the configuration file and exit

   droopy -m "Hi, this is Bob. You can send me a file." -p avatar.png

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