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Simple and consistent Password Generator

We all have dozens of accounts on different websites and we are sometimes tempted to use the same password for many if not all these websites.

One of my first articles on this blog was on how to choose a strong password yet easy to remember. I have to say, since I wrote this article, I’m always using this simple yet powerfull way to generate password:


I got a consistent way and easy to remember password.

KPw is for Killer Password

wordpress is the name of the service I’m registering (Can be WP or wordP, etc…)

4mi2 (for me too, anything you want in fact…)

I’m using this way to “generate” my password (In fact instead of dash, I could use space, etc…) just make your own way.

Unfortunately this way is not perfect, but much better than what I used to do in the past…true…


If you are looking for an even better way, plenty of password generator exists that will do a good job to provide a complex and difficult to hack password…actually even for you…tough to remember haha.

There is few services that can be installed on your own server and even fewer that will generate a strong password but yet with a simple way to get it back if you forget it.

And it’s the case of “password-generator” from xvello.

Password-generator is a simple web page that allows you to generate a site-specific password based on a single master password using SHA-1. If you forget your site specific password, the system will regenerate the same one based on your master password + website url combo.password generatorThe calculations to generate the password are done in your browser, neither your master password nor the generate site-specific password are exchanged on the network.Oh and well, it’s damn easy to install it.


Obviously, you will need a working web server, can read this tuto if you don’t have it yet.

1) Clone their git repository into your /var/www

If you don’t have git, simply run as root (or with sudo)

then clone it.

2) Go to http://YourIP/password-generatorYes…that’s it!

2 thoughts on “Simple and consistent Password Generator

  1. i really like your posts.

    but this is just not good. the only good way is to “NOT” remember passwords. we are not in the 70’s anymore with mainframe and just 1-2 passwords to remember in TOTAL life.

    use KeePass and create a single strong and long password for each service.


    1. Haha, I should probably “apt-get update mylife” xD
      I’ve never been a fan of password manager (all eggs in the same basket story probably), but there are indeed too many passwords to remember… I’ve bookmarked KeePass, I’ll give it a shot.

      Thanks for sharing Cave

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