Sickrage – Download automatically all your TV-Shows

You are fan of TV Shows? Game of thrones? the Walking dead? You probably have a lot of TV Shows to follow then.

Sickrage will download and organize your library once a new episode is released, automatically!

After testing Quickbox (the best script to manage a seedbox) I’ve realized that their community was heavily relying on Sickrage, an opensource app to monitor, download and organize your TV-Show library.

Sickrage, written in Python, is a web based service where you can simply add some TV-Shows to monitor, configure your torrent client and the trackers (Public and private) that you want to use. The system will then frequently check those trackers and will download the show once released, using your torrent client. (On your computer, server or seedbox)

It uses TheTVDb or TvRage to get the detail of the TV-Shows (Number of episodes, etc..) and with some simple settings, you are able to set the quality you are looking for (SD? 720p? 1080? etc..). Interesting, isn’t it? And there is more. (Automatic subtitle download, can notify Kodi,…)



Let’s not wait further and install it on your own server or computer.



I will assume you have Debian or Ubuntu and want to have the web interface as a service (with systemd)


1) Install the requirements

As it is written in Python, well, you will need Python, but also git to clone their repo. You will also need openssl and unrar-free.

Simply run:

sudo apt-get install unrar-free git-core openssl libssl-dev python2.7
2) Create a dedicated user and group

To improve the security of your system, we will create a dedicated user and group to isolate the app. (Good practice for security)

Still in root (or with sudo) run:

sudo addgroup --system sickrage
sudo adduser --disabled-password --system --home /var/lib/sickrage --gecos "SickRage" --ingroup sickrage sickrage
3) Clone their git repository

We will create a dedicated folder in /opt and assign it to the newly created user sickrage, then clone the repo by using the sickrage user (to avoid permission errors)

sudo mkdir /opt/sickrage && chown sickrage:sickrage /opt/sickrage
sudo -u sickrage git clone /opt/sickrage

It will take some time to download the repo depending on your bandwidth. But expect to download around 70Mb.


4) Run it as a service

To have sickrage as a service, you will need to use their systemd script. Run:

sudo cp -v /opt/sickrage/runscripts/init.systemd /etc/systemd/system/sickrage.service

ensure the script got the right permissions:

sudo chown root:root /etc/systemd/system/sickrage.service
sudo chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/sickrage.service

and enable the service:

sudo systemctl enable sickrage
sudo systemctl start sickrage

well and that’s it!


You should now have access to the Sickrage’s web interface at http://yourip:8081

Next, you may want to configure Sickrage with at the following settings:

  • Add a password to the web interface (“General configuration” –> “Interface” and in “Web Interface”)
  • Increase the frequency to check latest episodes (“Search Settings” –> “Episode Search” and with “Check propers every” set as 4 hours for example
  • Add your torrent client (Desktop, server, seedbox) details (“Search Settings” –> “Torrent Search” and add your torrent client name (Deluge? Rtorrent? Transmission? …)
  • Add your favorite trackers (“Search Provides” –> “Provider Priorities”). Note that you can change the order by dragging the tracker name. And you may need to restart Sickrage to take into accounts your selection.
  • Enable subtitles? (In “Subtitles Settings”, tick the box and configure it)
  • Well…and add some TV-Shows !!

Thank you Sickrage!


Loves to discover web-based apps to install on his own server@home and write articles about it


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