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If you are looking for a way to securely and anonymously share a file, the best way is probably to use TOR.

Configuring Tor, then adding a FTP service or so could take some time tho.

Well, not with OnionShare!

OnionShare let you share a file of any size in a secure and anonymously way with sometone. Written in Python, it works by launching a web server on your computer (No need to have a working server in that case) making it accessible as a Tor hidden service. It will generate an unguessable URL to download the file.

You will host the file on your own computer directly to be shared as a Tor hidden service.

The other people receiving the file just needs to use the Tor Browser to download the file (Or directly install Tor on its machine too).onionshare screenshotOnionShare is already available in Tails OS by the way.Compatible with MacOS and GNU/Linux system (Windows to come soon), you will first need to install Tor or use the Tor Browser so that OnionShare can use the Tor server provided in there.Let’s see how to install it.


1) First install TorIn root, type: apt-get install tor

(or just launch Tor Browser)2) Clone their git repository on your computer

<pre class="lang:default highlight:0 decode:true crayon-selected">git clone git://

3) Run the with the file you want to share.

cd onionshare
./ /home/me/mysecret.odt

It will generate an URL for you to share to your contact. Obviously, you will need to share it securely too (Like with Jabber+OTR, or Email+GPG)

4) When downloaded, you can stop the server by pressing CTRL+C


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