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rtorrent logoMy previous tutorial on Deluge Torrent is my most visited article. It’s probably also the service I use most often. I know Transmission is a an other popular one but I’ve never quite liked it. However I’ve always considered Rtorrent as the most powerful of those torrent clients.

Incredibly light, command line based with several addons and useful features that can be integrated (RSS Watch to follow your favorite trackers, Directory Watch to automatically add a torrent to rtorrent from a specific directory on your system, etc…) and most important, multi-users.

Rtorrent is being frequently used on most of the seedbox thanks to its lightweight and extensive configurations possibilities. Usually coupled with a web interface such as Wtorrent or RuTorrent. I used to install Wtorrent, but this one has not been updated for years. (But still works well tho).

However RuTorrent seems still well maintained, lightweight and can even run on some SOHO routers.

Rutorrent main window

Okay Rtorrent is great and can be coupled with RuTorrent, but why it’s not more popular? Well, the usual answer is, it’s much more complicated to install and configure than Deluge Torrent or Transmission Torrent. (That was my answer too before)

But thanks to Kerwood (And others), this is not true anymore. They made a simple script to install rtorrent + rutorrent in few command line, for either Debian Wheezy or Ubuntu 14.04. (Might works with others, but need to try and raise any issues)

And here is how to do it



You basically only need to clone their git repository, and run the script…

1) Install Git

If you don’t have git installed, simply run as root (or with sudo):

apt-get install git-core
2) Clone their Git repository

Still in root, in the folder of your choice, run:

git clone https://github.com/Kerwood/rtorrent.auto.install
3) Make the script executable

You will have several scripts inside, pick the correct one for your system and make is executable

– For Debian, you will probably do:

cd rtorrent.auto.install/
chmod +x Rtorrent-Auto-Install-3.0.1-Debian-Wheezy

– For Ubuntu:

cd rtorrent.auto.install/
chmod +x rtorrent.auto.install-2.1.1-Ubuntu-14.04


It seems they have removed the ubuntu script and recommend directly to use the Debian one.

Simply use the Wheezy’s script for Ubuntu 13.04 or 14.04 and the Jessie’s script (adapted for the new default init system) for Ubuntu 15.04+

4) Run the script

Still in root:




if you are using Ubuntu.


The script will compile and install all the needed dependencies and will generate a standard configuration file, that you will be able to modify later on.

You will need to answer several questions such as providing a valid user to install those applications, to create one or several rtorrent users and even if you want to install some addons.

At the end of the installation, it will provide you the URL to access to your newly installed instance. Something like http://YourIP/rutorrent.


Yep, it is that easy!


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