Quickbox, the best script to install and manage your seedbox

QuickBox.io is probably the best script to easily install and configure a seedbox (Torrents) on top of a Media Server. On top of being multi-users friendly, the web administration page is excellent.


Basically, it allows you to quickly deploy a seedbox based on rtorrent, and the RuTorrent web interface. (But not only)

I actually wrote a presentation of a script to easily install and configure rtorrent + Rutorrent, but this goes far beyond, since it also includes:

  • Beautiful web based interface to manage the seedbox (Stats, disk available, number of torrents,…)
  • Quota
  • Easily install others applications like Deluge torrent, CouchPotato, BTSync and many more
  • A web console is included
  • And a lot more…

For whose who use a seedbox, it’s a must try ! Especially if you want to share a dedicated server with multiple users.

Another great thing is, if you do not feel confident to do the installation / configuration, a QuickBox Guru will help you (For a small fee).

Now that the presentation is done, let’s see how to install it.



You could do it in a single long command, but I prefer to split it, to detail it.


1) Install  git and lsb-release

With root user (or with sudo), run:

apt-get install git lsb-release


2) Clone their repo

A simple:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/QuickBox/QuickBox

will be enough


3) Run the script

(Still in root)

bash QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup

and answer couple of questions, like:

  • Do you want to implement quota (If yes, you will need to choose the partition),
  • If you have a 10 Gigabit Server (for specific configuration…but as they say, “Who can afford that stuff anyway”)
  • If you want rtorrent, deluge torrent, ffmpeg (For the screenshots),…


Then it will install all the needed dependencies and apps by itself.


Note that it will takes several minutes to download and install everything. (Took me less than 5 minutes tho)


At the end, you will have a summary with the detail to connect to the web interface !

That’s all ! Easy right !

I suggest you to check their wiki but also to donate if you like this project.


Loves to discover web-based apps to install on his own server@home and write articles about it


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This entire project was used off my source code, that was stolen. And this faggot jason didnt even give me credit for my work. Since he took over KC's project.. Not to mention this code has a known backdoor that ive been exploiting and using passkeys to get free warez.. dumbass jason
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