Polr – Fancy and modern URL shortener

I’ve previously presented YOURLS, probably the most popular URL shortener, but as very often with free softwares, there are alternatives.

Polr is a beautiful, modern, fast, minimalist and open-source URL shortening platform in vanilla PHP that you can easily install on your server.
Under a GPLv3 license, Polr is mobile responsive, let you customize the URL and flag it as Public or Private. Also, a large choice of templates is already available to provide a great experience. (I like the Cherry one :p)Polr URL shorterner Cherry templateYou can give a try to their demo, or follow the below installation steps to host it on your own server.



You will need to have Apache, MySQL and PHP installed. If it is not the case, follow this previous tutorial on how to install a LAMP server.

**1) Install the requirements


You will need git to be installed to download their repo and MySQLnd (Native driver).

In root, or with sudo in front, run:

apt-get install git-core php5-mysqlnd
**2) Enable mod rewrite


Still in root:

a2enmod rewrite
3) Clone Polr git repository
cd /var/www
git clone https://github.com/Cydrobolt/polr
**4) Grant full permission over the Polr folder to your webserver user


Still in root:

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/polr
**5) Access to the web installer


Simply go to http://YourIP/polr and you will be directed to the setup page.

polr installation setup

You will have to:

– Configure a database (You can use PHPMyAdmin for example, to simply create a user/password/database on your server)- Customize the application (Name, URL, Permissions,…)

– Setup an admin account- A SMTP server (Optional) for email verification/password recovery

– And few other stuffs.

 And that’s all!

freedif polr main page


The project is still under development so feel free to raise any issue on their issue trackers.


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