PhpPaper, responsive design RSS Reader

I’ve tested many RSS Reader and even list down some of the best one there.

I personally use every day FreshRSS, nice design, smartphone friendly, easy to use and fast to load. But many other good one exist and here is another one, called Phppaper

Phppaper, written in jquery, javascript and php is an open source rss reader (Google reader an co). It has a fluid responsive design, supports opml import and let you easily manage your feed.

Also, you can simply mark your feeds as read by scrolling down.


phppaper screenshot main menuAlthough still a work in progress, Phppaper is fully working and here is how to install it.



You will need to have a working web server (like apache) and database (MySQL). If you don’t have that, please read this tutorial.

1) Clone their git repository into your /var/www

You will need to have git installed. If not run as root:

apt-get install git

then clone the repo:

cd /var/www
git clone

2) Create a dedicated database with their SQL script

I strongly suggest you to use phpmyadmin or similar to create the database and tables with their script.With phpmyadmin, simply click on SQL (Top banner) and copy/paste their SQL script located here.

This will create a database called “phppaper” and needed tables.

3) Create a dedicated user/password

Simply go to Privileges and click on “add a new user”. Enter the username and password and leave the others options per default.

4) Modify the config.php to suit your SQL database info.

cd phppaper
nano config.php

and replace the following lines with the correct configuration:


Also, you will need to change the following line

$conn = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=openreaderst;charset=utf8', $username, $password);

with the correct database name

Save and quit (CTRL +X, then Y)

5) Create a ./cache folder and make it writable

mkdir ./cache
chmod -R 777 ./cache



And voila!

You should now be able to access to your  Phppaper instance through the URL http://YourIP/phppaper.


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