PhotoShow, responsive and powerful web gallery

I have previously presented several web galleries such as the popular Piwigo but also Lychee, quite simple one. And this is where Boomboum introduced me an interesting project called PhotoShow.

PhotoShow - Web gallery photo

PhotoShow is a free and open source (under GPL licence) web gallery application to install on your own server. Easy to use and install, it does not require a database (Filesystem based). While having usual drag n drop to upload pictures, or user management with different access rights, comments and RSS feeds, PhotoShow differentiate itself with a responsive design, Google PhotoSpheres support.

A demo is available here.

Interested to give it a try, here is how to install PhotoShow on your server.



1) Install the libgd for PHP

Simple run (as root)

apt-get install php5-gd

2) Clone the git repository into your /var/www

cd /var/www
git clone

3) Link PhotoShow to your photo and thumbnails directories (Or create new one in your /home/user for example)

Simply modify the config.php file.

nano PhotoShow/config.php

And indicate the full path of your photos. Make sure the web server have write access.

Save (CTRL +X, then Y)

And you’re good to access your web gallery and create your admin account.

PhotoShow - Create account

You should now see your photos or should be able to upload your pictures there.

As simple as that!

If you are facing any issues, make sure to raise a ticket on their github issue tracker.


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