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cozycloud logoYesterday I have briefly presented YunoHost, an all in one server OS that preinstall and configures various applications (webserver, mail, …) and allow you in 1 click to install additional software (Transmission, Tiny Tiny RSS, etc…). Yunohost is clearly a project I follow and like, but today I received an important news from a similar project, more popular actually, called Cozy Cloud.

Cozy is a platform to either host yourself or use 3rd party vendor, that consolidate all your web services (Mail, Agenda, Torrent, RSS, file sharings, …) in the same private space. It’s like a personal cloud where you can easily install and manage your applications.

A demo can be found here.

CozyCloud screenshot home menu


Although I’m not fan of their design (Especially the icons and the Owncloud style ribbon), I prefer Yunohost there, but they have a much richer set of application and are more active/communicate better.

Their ambition are also very clear as they want to  “be the center of gravity of your digital life. Through it, all your devices and sensors will collaborate together for you and your contacts.”

Here again, CozyCloud is based on free software and the code is also available on Github.


Big news from them today, they have successfully raised $1m “to change the world of personal data” from a big French fund called Innovacom and from a business angel club named Seed4Soft composed of top French Entrepreneurs from the IT Business (Exalead, RunMyProcess, OODrive, etc…). This will help them to accelerate the development of their project by growing their team and will enable them to build new offers with some partners.

It’s quite a lot of money from such small project, but competing with Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc…even for 1% of the cake need considerable investment from hardware (3rd party) and software (CozyCloud).

You can read the full announcement on this exceptional news, on their blog.

Have you tried it? What do you think of this project and its direction?


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