Own-Mailbox, confidential and opensource mailbox

own-mailbox logoToday I’d like to present Own-Mailbox, a french project currently on kickstarter.

Their objective is to provide a 100% confidential AND opensouce solution for emails.

Own-Mailbox is a tiny email server (Smaller than a Raspberry PI) based on open hardware and opensource software to protect your personal emails. You simply need a power source + an ethernet connection and Own-Mailbox will do the rest. (Configure your access, your domain, etc…)

own-mailbox size

Based on Debian, and running with Postfix and Roundcube (Webmail), the team have directly integrated GPG (for the encryption of your emails). The main strength but issue at the same time with GPG is that the reader of your mail needs also to have a GPG key to read your mail. If you send an email to a non GPG friend, well, GPG is then useless.

To solve this issue, Own-Mailbox is providing a temporary and filtered HTTPS connections to read the email directly on the server (Based on the Private Link Message method)

Obviously Own-Mailbox have others features, such as easy access to log, private folder, etc…

As you might ask, why did they not use the Raspberry PI? Pretty simple, the R.PI is not open-hardware (For example, the processor is closed-source and even the spec sheet is not accessible to public) and also requires non-free drivers to work. Also, the size and the power consumption does not fit their requirement. Last but not the least, the total cost if using Raspberry PI (Including SD card, Power supply, case, …) would have cost more.

own-mailbox design PCB

The team is looking to raise 95,000 EUR. In couples of days, they already raised more than 40,000 EUR, mainly through early bird purchase. There is no doubt that they will successfully raise the needed amount.

It does look like a very robust project (I’ve even backed them up!).

You can have a look to their website or directly on their kickstarter page to get more information.

All the sources are freely available here. (Hardware and software)


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