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OS.js, your OS in a web browser

Although it has been there for several years, we are seeing an increase demand on Cloud Desktop, a virtual desktop, fast to deploy and accessible anywhere.


Virtual Desktops (Sometimes called online workspaces) are becoming popular as you can deploy in few minutes a secure and powerful Operating System in the cloud. This means, the user just need to have access to a web browser to use its Cloud Desktop.

It’s a great way to reduce the IT hardware cost in large companies and speed up the integration of new comers. (Few minutes to get its workspace).

It also reduce the need to bring your laptop in business trip or somewhere else, as you just need a web browser, to get back all our system, files, apps, etc…

OS.js is one of the available opensource solution. It is a JavaScript web desktop implementation with a fully fledged window manager and application APIs.


It supports multiple types of Authentication modules, virtual filesystem, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, and much more.

Obviously, you are also able to save the state of your applications through your session.

Best is probably to give it a shot, with their demo.


And here is how to install OS.js on Debian (Ubuntu should be pretty similar):



The installation is actually quite simple (with npm) and won’t take long.


1) Install git  and clone their repository

You can do it in the folder of your choice.


2) Install node and npm

You will first need to install NodeJS (v4 and above). In my case, I’m using the v7:

and they also recommend to install the nodejs-legacy package


3) Install OS.js

Then to install OS.js, simply run:

And you should be able to access to your OS.js instance to http://yourIP:8000

That’s it!


If you face some issues or have questions, I suggest you to visit their forum and post a message.

 Extra mile  If you have a server running H24, why not installing the opensource software BOINC that will use your spare CPU cycles to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability. (Cancers, Zika, AIDS, Renewable energies,..). You can learn more here: To install it, run:
apt-get install boinc-client
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr 20049_157b2fcc52af271b601af1b9bf593c50 ''
Now your server will contribute to the scientific research ;)

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    Nice to see my project here 🙂

    You should update your links to use https and the “” domain instead of “”.

    Also, installation is now “npm install” and not “npm install –production”

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