OpenSource image hosting scripts for your own server

Following my review on some popular RSS Readers, I’ve decided to do the same for image hosting services, similar to TinyPic, ImageShack, etc… type, but to be installed on your own server.

A lot of public websites exist, but you don’t really know what they do with your pictures and personal info (IP, websites linked to, content of the picture, day and hours posted, etc…). If you got your own server, installing a similar service is usually very easy and some of them have very good additional features as you will read below.

Here is the current list I found. I will obviously try and write articles on them as soon as I can!  \o/, (under GPL v3), drag & drop type with encryption from the web browser before the upload, no log, firefox extension for quick upload, command line upload feature, etc…

chevereto, nice design, drag&drop upload or from URL, explore and search features, responsive design, with social media sharings, and many more. Once my favourite one, but now oriented for professionals with licence fee. (The old version is still available tho and an article to help you install it is now available!!)

MediaCrush, easy to use (Ctrl+v to upload a link or picture), few options, …

Pix, from the french association Toile-libre, very simple one with limited options

Jirafeau, a fork of the old Jyraphe, still KISS oriented (Keep It Simple Stupid). Not only for pictures but any type of file.

Lutim, encrypted at server side, URL upload, delete at first view, and many more options,…

Not many….I’ll keep updating this article when I found new ones. If you know some interesting others opensource image hosting script, please share in the comments section!


Loves to discover web-based apps to install on his own server@home and write articles about it


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Written on Wed, 23 May 2018 11:27:10 by Rambo