OpenSource alternatives to Flipboard, Newsstand, Feedly and others (RSS Reader) is full of interesting websites, blogs, peoples, … that you may want to follow, read in a regular basis, but instead of having 10 tab opened and refreshing them everyday (Or keeping a lot of bookmarks to check regularly), it’s more time saving to consolidate all these blogs, websites into a unique service and to see only the recently posted content.

This is what a lot of people were doing with Google Reader (Closed) or now with dedicated apps/online service such as Zite, Flipboard, Newsstand, Feedly, Reverb, Pocket, and more.

Obviously, if you have your own server you may already know some popular alternatives to those services (Tiny Tiny RSS? RSSLounge?…).
Actually there are plenty of alternatives, some with very good design/features, some others with very light requirement or being minimalist.

As I do read quite a lot of different websites (And I’m always keen to diversify my readings), it’s time for me to set up a new RSS service on my server. But which one? Well, let’s try some and I’ll post an installation tutorial for each of them, with some feedback.

Here is the current list I got on hand that I want to test:

Selfoss, From the dev of the very nice but depreciated RSSLounge, once my favourite. As usual, I wrote a tutorial on how to install Selfoss on a Ubuntu/Debian server.

Sismic Reader, Multiusr, in Java, very easy to install and complete, to install it, follow these steps.



Go Read,

MiniFlux, a minimalist RSS Reader without fancy features but only with what it needs. Tutorial available.

FeedHQ, a paid service ($12/year, not much) but with Open Source apps! (Meaning can be freely installed on your server)

Newsblur, free service with some limitation (64 sites follow up with once a day refresh) or paid service for unlimited sites and 10 refresh a day for $24/year but with here again an Open Source app.

Tiny Tiny RSS, I know well this one too but it’s time to write an installation steps article about it.

Universal Aggregator, What if the website don’t export RSS? and want to consolidate the news from RSS and Emails?

1flow, Most probably the one I’ve looking forward to test but not suitable for Self hosting/small servers due to all its dependencies and features.

Leed, responsive design with good performance RSS Reader, looking for an installation guide?

FreshRSS, a free, self-hostable aggregator, one of the best RSS Reader, read this tutorial to see how to install it.

Phppaper, a responsive design RSS reader written in jquery, javascript and php. Here is how to install phppaper.

Readerself, powerful RSS reader with responsive design, LDAP authentication, Feed detection, Adaptive crawl and many more. Simply read this tutorial through to know how to install Readerself.

It’s already quite a lot and should help you see what’s on the web. If you know some interesting services not listed here, please share them in the comments section and I’ll try them out!

So the next article will be about how to install and configure Selfoss.

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