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OpenSondage, find the best timeslot for your meeting

I’m free Monday from 9am to 11am, then full tuesday

Me, I’m free Tuesday morning

Oh and Me, I’m only free Monday afternoon

Does it sounds familiar? Who never had schedules conflicts to organize a meeting, to meet with friends, or simply to organize a little something…although sending email back and forth or calling all of them could work….it’s not very efficient.

And here is where OpenSondage show up!

OpenSondage, based on STUdS, is a web based application that let you schedule a meeting or create a poll where all the participant can share their available time (Monday 9am to 11am, etc…) or preferences (Chinese food, Mexican, French, Italian,…).

By having a central platform, you will directly know which date or restaurant suit most of participants.

Opensondage screenshot

Framadate have been developing this project and offer it as a free service.

But obviously, I’m only interested in self hosting this application on my own server, for my own use. If you want to do the same, here is how.



1) Install the required libraries

OpenSondage requires ADOdb, fpdf and gettext and at the same time, we will need git to clone their repo.

To install them, simply run as root (or with sudo):

2) Clone their git repository into your /var/www

3) Create a MySQL database (or postgresql)

The easiest will be to use phpmyadmin or adminer.

You can call it opensondage with the user opensondage for example

4) Execute the SQL script called install.mysql.sql

Here again, you can directly use phpmyadmin, log in the database and copy/paste the script in the SQL section.


5) Configure OpenSondage

You need to configure the database info, URL, name of the service, etc….

All that can be done in the file called variables.php. Unfortunately the file is mostly in french.. but pretty straightforward. Anyway, I will share mine for inspiration.

What is important to modify is:

– const BASE (Name of the database), opensondage in our case

– const USERBASE (Username of the database)

– const USERPASSWD (Password of your database’s username)

– const SERVEURBASE (Database server name, leave it blank if installed in local)

– const BASE_TYPE (Database type, mysql in my case)

– const LANGUE (Language, en_GB will do the trick!)

then the rest is optional.

Here is my variables.php file for your reference:

Save the file (CTRL +X) and you should be good to go!

Simply access to http://YourIP-or-domain/OpenSondage

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