Open data – Why not starting by a Yogurt?

I’m a big fan of open source softwares (and it could be free as free speech, it can be even better !) and tend to support open data initiative (Quite important with the data coming from the government in my opinion).

But today I found an interesting initiative called “What’s in my yogurt?


The aim of this project is to establish the content of our yogurts in an open database. Actually, no need to open any yogurt as the ingredients and nutrition facts are on the label.

They are keen to open any type of yogurt (Organic or not) at any flavour, type of milk (Cow, goat, camel, …) and in any country.

It’s actually quite easy to do so, just install their mobile application or directly go to their web platform, and add a picture, bare-code (Or just scan it with your smartphone) and the content to their database.

Available on Google PlayWindows Phone StoreAvailable on the App Store


This will help buyers to decrypt them like what are all these Exxx (“Only” 1500 out there), but also will help to search (without specific allergens for example) and compare yogurts among themselves.

Quite easy and fun to do.

And you, are you already participating in any open data initiative? Or may be you are already participating on this one?




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