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New Social network to share ideas and realize them

idipops logo final longDo you know idipops? It’s a new social network from France that is being mainly used to share ideas, tips, advices in the services field while also being able to find professionals to realize them.

Let’s say you have an issue with your computer, that is not booting. First thing, geek as you are (as we are…), you will check the POST self-test (Bip bip bip) to understand if it is a hardware failure. But non geek won’t probably know it…but they can check some advices or explanation/articles done by some pro. Like this article on how to understand the POST results (bip bip). And at the same time, the non geek could contact the professional that has written the article (or follow him/her) to ask further advices, or bring the computer to its shop.

This could be extended to a lot of professions (plumber, decoration, nanny, etc…).

On top of building an ‘actionable’ social network similar to Twitter (With followers, likes, etc..), Idipops is only oriented services and allow people to find professional/experts at the same time.

And for those professionals, it allows them to find customers in a different way, modern and oriented “content” + “social”.

Obviously Idipops has also some more standard features, like a map with all the pro around, some good deals page, etc…


It is currently in French only, but it will be translated soon to English (Hopefully).


If you want to know more about Idipops, simply check their presentation page.

 Extra mile  If you have a server running H24, why not installing the opensource software BOINC that will use your spare CPU cycles to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability. (Cancers, Zika, AIDS, Renewable energies,..). You can learn more here: To install it, run:
apt-get install boinc-client
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr 20049_157b2fcc52af271b601af1b9bf593c50 ''
Now your server will contribute to the scientific research ;)

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