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Using a FTP nowadays is not as popular as it was before, with all the younameit-box type (Dropbox, Google docs, etc..), less and less people use a FTP to share files. Especially it requires a FTP client (Like Filezilla and others) and needs usually the port 22 to be open.

But if you still use one, you could be interested to have a web based FTP.

Net2FTP is probably the most popular one.

net2ftp login page

OpenSource, net2ftp allows you to navigate through your FTP server, upload/download files, edit files, view directly the code with syntax highlighting. Also, on top of allowing you to copy/move/delete to 2nd FTP server, net2ftp let you rename, chmod (recursively) zip/unzip your files on your FTP server.

A search feature is also there to help you find your files based on name but also with specific filter like size, file type and modification date.You can give it a try on their official page. But not that although it is a trusted app, there is no guarantee that no info is being kept from their online service. So the best is still to install it on your own server and here is how to do it!Their V1 is a bit old now (2013) but still works like a charm and is damn easy to install!

net2ftp browse FTP file


You only need a Web server and PHP and can install net2ftp on a different machine than the FTP server if you want.

1) Download their full version (With all the plugins) into your /var/www

In root, (or sudo), run:

cd /var/www

2) Unzip the archive and move the “files to upload” to the root of your /var/www

mv net2ftp_v1.0/files_to_upload net2ftp
rm -R net2ftp_v1.0

3) Change the owner of the folder (by www-data:www-data) to avoid permission issues.

chown -R www-data:www-data net2ftp

And you’re good to go!

You can directly access it through http://yourIP/net2ftp.


Optional configuration

Although net2ftp should work out of the box, you can still tweak few things to improve your or your users’ experience.

The configuration file is called (and is quite self explanatory) and you could be willing to modify:

– Email address (The “from” email address when sending attachment);

– Password for admin panel;

– Message on browse screen;

– Set a MySQL database to records Net2FTP activity;

– Max file size to upload (10mb per default) – Note that you will also need to adjust your php.ini or set upload_max_filesize value option in your virtualhost.

You should now be all set!

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