Myyna, Node.js alternative of Pinterest

I’ve previously presented 2 alternatives of Pinterest to install on your own server.

You know, this recent service allowing you to “pin” all the things you see on the web to become a kind of visual bookmark of all the great stuff on the web.

On the alternatives side it had found Cubet Board and Pinry, but I recently found another great one, Myyna.

Myyna is an open source node.Js based web application, under MIT license, to build your own Pinterest on your server. It allows you to collect, combine, optimize, Pin, RePin, Tag and even share all the content you found online (audio, video, image, websites,…).

It’s also based on MongoDB and has been developed under the sleekjs framework. Hence you can expect great flexibility and scalability.Myyna demo main page

The team behind the project seems to be based in India, and is in fact the same team behind Cubet Board. So they know what they are doing and actually, they have greatly improved the user experience. Myyna as really a nice and easy to use interface.

You should probably give a shot to their demo

Mynna demo pinterest

As usual, here is how to install Myyna on your own server, running Debian/Ubuntu type of Linux flavor.


I assume you already have a working LAMP server

**1) Install nodejs and npm


– If you use Ubuntu, simple run (as root)

apt-get install nodejs npm

– If you are on Debian (Wheezy?) like me, you can install nodejs from wheezy-backports (modify your source.list accordingly) and run (in root):

apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy curl

and for npm, you can use the installer (still in root)

curl | sh
**2) Install MongoDB


Still in root, run:

apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv 7F0CEB10
echo 'deb dist 10gen' | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb.list
apt-get update
apt-get install mongodb-server mongodb-10gen

and make sure it is running:

service mongodb start
**3) Install ImageMagick


apt-get install imagemagick
**4) Clone their latest repository into your /var/www folder


cd /var/www
git clone

This could takes some time depending on your internet connections since you will need to retrieve around 100mb.

**5)  Provide read and write permission to config & uploads folder


cd myyna
chmod -R 777 application/config uploads
**6)  Start the application


Simply run:

node app
**7) Run the web based installation


Simply go to http://yourIP:3000

Myyna installation

You will need to:

– Accept the license

– Configure the port number (if you want to change it), the site URL (Like with a subdomain you will create later). Don’t forget to add the port number after the URL too.

– The database configuration (Of MongoDB) You probably haven’t configured a user and password

– The admin settings (Username, password, etc…)

8) Restart the service and you’re good to go!
node app

That’s it, you’re good to access to your own instance of Myyna.

If you got some issues, they have a issues tracker on their github project, that includes several tutorials too, but the project is not really active tho…


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