Mosh – an alternative to SSH

5th Mar 2015 Karibu

Mosh works just like SSH but the feeling is much smoother than a traditional ssh client. You don’t get disconnected to the server if your connection drops or your computer goes to sleep. You don’t feel the network lag when you type. Mosh stays connected even if you switch to another internet connection (from wired to wifi, tethering…) !

Using Mosh is very simple.

On the server, install Mosh (UDP ports 60000 to 60010 should be opened on the firewall):

apt-get update
apt-get install mosh

Then visit and install the client on your machine.

On a Unix computer (including mac), open a terminal and connect to the server just like you would with ssh:

mosh root@your-server-ip

On Windows, you need Chrome and install Mosh.

The connection parameters are pretty basic:

WindowscientOnce connected:

WindowscientconnectedHope you will enjoy this tool !


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