Mergely, compare 2 documents through an online interface

mergely logoSome of you may already be familiar with diff, the Linux command based file comparison that outputs the differences between two documents. If you are, Mergely is the same but as a Web Interface.


Working in most modern web browsers (Firefox 2+,Chrome, Internet Exporer 9+,Safari 3+ and Opera 9+), through its simple web interface, you simply need to upload 2 files to compare and Mergely, will highlights changes in the text.

If you are concerned about privacy (You should!!!), don’t fear, your documents never leave your browser, except if you save them, in that case a copy will be saved on the server.

You can have an idea of the power of the tool through checking their demo, United States Declaration of Independence, first draft written by Thomas Jefferson, and then published.

Mergely Screenshot

But the best is to install it on your own server and here is how:


1) Install jQuery and CodeMirror

Simply run:

apt-get install libjs-jquery libjs-codemirror

2) Clone their git master branch into your /var/www

The most simple will be to directly clone their git repository. If you don’t have git install, simply run as root (or with sudo):

apt-get install git

and then, simply clone Mergely into your /var/www folder

cd /var/www
git clone


And you should now be able to access to Mergely web interface through http://YourIP/Mergely/editor



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