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Manage your minecraft server through a web interface

A friend of mine was setting up a Minecraft server and wanted some help on the back end, especially to ease the management of his server and this is how I found rfwadmin, a simple web interface to monitor and control a Minecraft server.



Rfwadmin, written in PHP, enable you to easily manage your Minecraft server and it is optimized to quickly restart with customs maps, mods, etc..

The web interface is pretty simple (and nothing fancy) but you will find it quite easy to use and understand.

For example, in few clicks, you are able to:

  • Control the server (start, stop, reload, kill,…)
  • Configure it (Name, difficulty, max players, server port, ….)
  • Upload maps and plugins (And restart the server with those)
  • Download and use specific Vanilla server version
  • Add some ops, white list, black list,…
  • Check the log
  • Run some command directly

Quite interesting isn’t it.

So now, let’s see how to install it.



1) Install git  and clone their repository

You can do it in the folder of your choice, with sudo (or root)


2) Install some dependencies

Still in root, run

Note that it will install OpenJDK (java)


3) Run their installer

They have made a simple installer that will download few others packages online and configure your server. To run it, simply type:

This might take several minutes depending on your configuration.

At the end, it will share the password for the web-interface. Remember it or modify it here /var/www/html/rfwadmin/index.php


And that’s it… you are now able to connect to the web interface at http://yourIP/rfwadmin.

If you want to further tweak your server, I suggest you to check their official doc.

 Extra mile  If you have a server running H24, why not installing the opensource software BOINC that will use your spare CPU cycles to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability. (Cancers, Zika, AIDS, Renewable energies,..). You can learn more here: To install it, run:
apt-get install boinc-client
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr 20049_157b2fcc52af271b601af1b9bf593c50 ''
Now your server will contribute to the scientific research ;)

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