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If you think Glances, presented yesterday have too many information to monitor your server, or if eSM is not what you are looking for (You want something even easier), there is the pretty Web-VMStats, to simply and in a pretty webpage, monitor your linux system (Processes, Ram Memory, Swap, Disk I/O, System, CPU,…) through fancy charts in real time.

vmstat web statistics screnshot

Web-VMStats simply help you to render the results of the command vmstat to monitor statistics of your system over a WebSocket using websocketd and as charts using SmoothieCharts.

Let’s see how to install it



1) Install git

We will use directly the latest version on their git repository. If you don’t have git installed, simply run as root:

apt-get install git

2) Clone the repository in /var/www

cd /var/www
git clone

3) Download and install their websocket daemon in the newly created web-vmstats folder

Pick the one for your platform (32b? 64b? etc…)

In my case, 32b (for my virtualmachine), so I do:

cd web-vmstats

Then unzip it and remove the files not needed (Need only the executable)


4) Simply run the web-vmstats executable


And now you should have access to the graphs from http://YOURIP:9231


web-vmstats will display in realtime very simple information to help you monitor your server or linux system.


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