How to easily host a Minecraft server – MineOS, dedicated OS have became so popular that more and more people are willing to run their own Minecraft server. Although Minecraft team have made it relatively, a very easy turnkey Linux distribution have been developed by William Dizon, called MineOS.

MineOS is a Linux distribution, based on Debian, aimed to create a minimalistic environment with all it takes to host and manage and Minecraft server.

Its latest version, the Turnkey MineOS is provided as an ISO to install on your server (Or virtual server) and already includes:

1) A Web-based server admin page,

2) An improved and incremental world backups,

3) Single-click updating of the user-interface and server mods (such as vanilla, bukkit, etc)

4) Safer, more secure implementation/OS

5) And a small memory footprint.

And here is how to install it on your server:


1) Download the latest ISO:

Linux 32b                                                 Linux 64b





2) Burn the ISO on a CDROM or better, on a USB key using Unetbootin.

3) Configure your BIOS to start on the USB or CDROM and install it to hard disk:

Turnkey Minecraft Installation4) You will need to set up the partitioning, either guided or manual if you know what you are doing. The first option with LVM will be good in most of the cases if your server is dedicated to this game. Keep everything as default if any questions

5) Install the system, the grub boot loader and restart the machine.

6) After the reboot, you will be asked to provide a new password for the root account (Server admin account) and the mc account (Minecraft admin account)

Turnkey Minecraft Installation - Password

7) The next step will be if you want to use their Backup system (paid service) on Amazon S3 but their backup system is under free licence GPLv3 and could probably install it yourself too (But better to do it on a different machine to avoid loose both your server and back up). In my case, as I don’t want to use their service, I just leave it blank. (No API)

8) Accept to install security update. The system install daily the security update, but better not to miss any by updating the system right from the installation.

9) and finally you will get the summary of the admin consoles links.

Turnkey Minecraft Installation - SummaryYou can go to the advanced menu to to configure the network if needed (No DHCP?, etc..) or quit the installer.

Now you should can go to the MineOS Web-UI at https://yourIP:8080 to configure your Minecraft server. You can even go to Webmin interface to administrate your server easily.

The login of MineOS Web-UI will mc with the password you have chosen during the installation.

Turnkey Minecraft - Login Turnkey Minecraft - Admin page

And now you can enjoy Minecraft on your own server!


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