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Glances, detailed but intuitive system monitoring tool

2 years ago, I wrote an article to announce the new release of Glances (in its v2 version), a system monitoring tool written in Python, with many extensions. I have to admin they have done a lot of improvement in those 2 years, so they deserve another article 😉


Glances, written in Python, is a cross platform monitoring tool that aims to present a maximum of information (CPU, Memory, load, GPU monitoring, processes, disk I/O, sensors, docker, and many more) in a simple and intuitive interface. It can be displayed in command line or directly as a web based interface.

I’m personally a big fan of NetData, but Glances goes one step beyond.

The installation was a bit more tricky in the past (See my previous article on Glances) but they have now built a script to take care of all dependencies and do the installation.

To install Glances, you only need curl and to run as root:

It will update your repository, install all the dependencies needed and download the latest version of Glances (v2.8 as of today). It might takes some time to configure it all, but it’s automatic 😉


Once installed, you simply have to run the following to start it as Web based mode:

The web interface will be accessible here: http://<ip>:61208


If you want more info, I suggest you to read their doc.

Now you don’t have any reason not to monitor your server.

 Extra mile  If you have a server running H24, why not installing the opensource software BOINC that will use your spare CPU cycles to help scientists solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability. (Cancers, Zika, AIDS, Renewable energies,..). You can learn more here: To install it, run:
apt-get install boinc-client
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr 20049_157b2fcc52af271b601af1b9bf593c50 ''
Now your server will contribute to the scientific research ;)

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