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17th Sep 2014 Karibu

A forum is an important brick to build a strong community around a project, a website, etc… and probably the most popular opensource forum platform is PhpBB, followed by Vanilla and many more. Great projects, well maintained, big community around, etc… but with a traditional approach of a forum.

But it is not the case of Discourse, a “new generation” forum, open source, designed for touch devices from the day 1, with plenty of innovative features.

Discourse screenshot

Indeed Discourse:
– Allows the community to moderate directly itself with a trust and flagging systems,

– Is optimized for reading (no next page/previous page, simply scroll down/up to read the content, it will dynamically update the page),

discourse conversation scroll– Get real time notification (If someone is replying one of your message or mentioning your name, be informed immediately)

discourse real time notification– Uses an overlay editor (does not interrupt the reading)

– Get advanced image handling (drag and drop, automatic thumbnail,…)

– Social Media Integration (1 click to share post to social media)

– Spam Blocking

– 1 click upgrade

– Single Sign On

– Search Engine Optimized

and many many more.


You can directly try discourse here.

Discourse is hosted on github and a complete tutorial can be found on their wiki.


NB: It sounds they are in a middle of “management crisis” with several leaders leaving the project for various reasons. The development might slow down but you should still have a good support from the community.


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