Atraci – The new Popcorn Time for music, similar to Deezer, Spotify,…

atraci logoUnfortunately, at that time, I didn’t write any article when the HipHop application closed its door. But it seems, similar to Popcorn Time story, (Launched, closed, reborned,…), a new fork has emerged from the viral HipHop, called Atraci.


Atraci, is like the Popcorn Time for the music.

Through a userfriendly interface, 100% free without any ads or sign up, you can listen millions of musics (60+ millions) in streaming.

Atraci screenshot

Available for Windows, Linux (32/64b) and Mac OSX, they are also working on an Android and iOS version.

How does it work?

Atraci use iTunes + + SoundCloud to display all the songs information (Cover, title, artist, etc…) when searching. Then, it will find the best match for the selected song on Youtube and will stream the highest quality video stream.

You will have no direct download (Only streaming) and no torrents then as based on Youtube (No sharing).

Probably 100% legal then.

You can directly download their latest version on their official website or through their git repository.


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