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yunohost logoYou may want to have your own server to host and share your files, contacts, get your own email address, blog, etc… but let’s face it, it’s not easy and require to get your hands “dirty”.



However, several projects have become popular (and quite robust) to ease the installation and management of a server.

One of them is called YunoHost (For: Why you no host?).

YunoHost is a customized Debian operating system dedicated and aiming to ease self-hosting by pre-installing and pre-configuring most of the needed base for your server, while having a growing “apps store” to install in 1 click a new software.

yunohost user interface


YunoHost includes:

While in few clicks you could install various additional apps like Roundcube, PHPMyAdmin, WordPress, Tiny Tiny RSS, and many more.

yunohost admin page

YunoHost is entirely based on free software and their code are available on Github.

They have recently release their V2 Beta4 (Last one before RC) and I have to say it’s very promising! I love the design and it’s damn easy to use and manage!

You can give it a try on their demo page.

If you got some spare time, they are looking for people to code, to adapt 3rd party apps to the platform or to translate or even to spread the word! Just check how you can contribute.

Why you no host? YUNOHOST


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